Leighton McIntosh, known professionally as 'Geckor' is a Scottish artist, designer and animator.  As a child, Leighton always carried a strong passion for sketching and painting, particularly drawing inspiration from iconic cartoons. Fast forward the years and that passion has spiralled into the forms of acrylic painting, graphic design and animation.


Through the use of particular colour schemes and imagery; a sense of fun, positivity and calmness are portrayed within Geckor's compositions. These compositions play with techniques of geometric abstraction, distortion and transparency which can result in either abstract or subtly sophisticated original works. His 'spiralled eyes' were originally used to heighten the sense of  bemusement within his earlier works and have now evolved into the signature detail of his art and original characters. Geckor's art has progressed into consistently razor clean interpretations of classic animated icons, these interpretations often explore the use of character shape and the deconstruction or reconstruction of particular features.

His art and brand has allowed him to collaborate with other well established brands within the fashion space, resulting in the release of limited edition merchandise and collaborative exhibitions.