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Geckor is the working alias for Leighton McIntosh, a Scotland–based visual artist, designer, and animator.  As a child, Leighton always carried a strong passion for sketching and painting, particularly drawing inspiration from iconic cartoons. Fast forward the years and Geckor is an internationally represented artist, whose passion has spiraled into the forms of acrylic painting, design, and animation.


Through the use of particular colour schemes and imagery; a sense of fun, positivity, and nostalgia are portrayed within his work. These compositions play with techniques of geometric abstraction, distortion, transparency, and low poly style gradients, which result in either abstract or subtly sophisticated original paintings. Within Geckor's earlier works, his 'spiraled eyes' were originally used to communicate the sense of being abstracted or bemused; this has now evolved into the signature detail of his imagery and characters.


Geckor's work has progressed into consistently razor-clean interpretations of original and renowned animated icons. His distinct imagery and style are an attempt to communicate

narratives that may have a positive influence or uplifting message towards the viewer. 

Geckor's art and brand have allowed him to collaborate with other well-established brands, particularly within the fashion space, resulting in the release of limited-edition merchandise and collaborative exhibitions. 


"my world"


Neap is an original character that allows me to express and visually communicate certain narratives through painting and animation. His relaxed domineer and posture depicts the way I approach art and parts of life in general. 

The character is an important part of my imagery as he allows me to easily convey the creative insight behind my animations and physical work.

Neap is often portrayed on a sole island - a serene escape that is distant from problems and ultimately depict how I approach my work artwork. This is a recurring feature through the animations that I look to develop further as my work evolves...

The 'SUN' imagery is an evolving interpretation of my original spiral that further communicates the feel of my work. The symbol is a homage to my Caribbean roots and conveys feelings of warmth and relaxation. It features in many of the animations as a visual symbol that connects the physical work and the visual world I've created.

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Attitude is like a pair of glasses. They are the lens through which we percieve the world. One of my goals through art is to encourage people to see life through clear and optimistic glasses, compared to actively looking for the negatives. Both types of people can look at the exact same event and see completely different things, The glasses are a visual reminder to strive towards always finding the brightness in situations instead of searching for the clouds. 

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